SEO and Content Marketing: Should They Be Linked?

Nowadays, having quality content marketing alone is not enough for web-based success; likewise, just having smart SEO does not make your brand grow. But joined together, these can make your brand an absolute success. A lot of people wonder if SEO and content marketing should be incorporated together. And if so, how should this be done?


First off, your content marketing team and SEO team need to collaborate early. If you can get on the same page even before content is generated, you can work better as a team to analyze what type of content you need to help produce the best results for your site and brand.

SEO is more than just finding those great keywords or phrases, and content marketing is more than just hammering out info to put on your site.

What you want to do is use keyword analyzers to look at different keywords or phrases to better understand your customers. You need to know them on a personal level: their needs, desires, concerns and issues. For example, let’s say a company wants to appear at the top for the results of “best running shoes for high arch” or “best shoes for plantar fascia.” Instead of trying to get these key phrases ranked, you should look more closely at the intent of the question:

  • What is the problem the consumer wants solved?
  • What is the potential customer looking for?
  • What are they demonstrating about desires, needs or wants?

If you can figure out the purpose behind the question, you can generate content to meet their need or want. This will spike their interest and engage them with your content and increase chances of a sale.

You want your content to communicate with your users/potential customers at a deeper level, and you want it to resonate with them. If you can accomplish this, you will gain their confidence and trust. If you can make it memorable, then they will not be able to forget you or your brand.


If you can combine quality content with wise SEO, then you can fit this together to be an incredible experience for your viewers/potential customers. They will think they are having an incredible experience. The wonderful thing is there is no magic here, only a well-organized plan with great content to help them find what they want. When you can do this right, you are allowing your products, brand or services to sell themselves.


With a creative working team of both SEO and content marketing, you can answer their questions before they ever come to your site. You can predict keywords or understand the keywords that your viewers place in the search engine and tailor your content to these searches. You can analyze the keywords and phrases they use and learn more about your customers and focus your content better to your potential customers.

So, you can incorporate both SEO and content marketing to have incredible results not only for your customers, so they have a great experience, but also for your brand. Keep up your hard work and get your SEO and content marketing teams together.

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